Chatbot across all your customer service channels

Automate your customer service processes with Chatbots on WhatsApp, social media, and more.

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WhatsApp Chatbot

Optimize your WhatsApp interactions with flows, button-based options, and automated responses to streamline and enhance your customer experience.

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Why implement chatbots?

They reduce response times and minimize human effort.

They are not just tools for automated responses; they can help filter and classify leads.

They improve leads and customers perception of your company, leading to increased sales.

Social Media Chatbot

Connect all your social media platforms to a chatbot for centralized and omnichannel automated customer service.

Tikket connects your chatbots with:
X (Twitter)

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Types of chatbots

2 ways to create automated conversation flows to speed up the conversation, deliver information without human intervention or filter leads

Automated flows

Automate flows that a bot can handle for you to ask questions, give answers, perform actions, and much more.

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Machine Learning (AI)

Train your own customer service artificial intelligence to hold conversations with your clients and offer a more fluid user experience.

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Website Chatbot

Automate lead interactions on your website by implementing chatbots in your chat widget, supporting real-time sales flow on your e-commerce platform.

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Chatbots and marketing automation

Automate lead capture and qualification using chatbots, mass messages, forms, and even Facebook leads.

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