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Today´s businesses and brands need to converse with their leads to sell more.

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Centralize conversations

Tikket is an omnichannel inbox for:
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One of the keys to selling more is being able to serve better, and this usually requires more salespeople. Native tools can limit how many people have access to respond to messages on a channel. Even the fact of doing so can lead to confusion and lack of control. Tikket solves these inconveniences by offering a multi-agent inbox with extensive control and supervision capabilities in operation and performance measurement.

Funnels and automations

Sales teams that want to scale their growth need to maintain clear processes around conversations. That´s why Tikket makes it possible to generate tasks within sales funnels from the conversation to be able to follow up and even designate those responsible for each negotiation. With the possibility of automating the conversation, we accelerate the service process, but this is just the beginning. Chatbots can help us filter valuable leads and trigger subsequent automatic messages for this.

Thanks to its functions, Tikket allows all key collaborators of an organization to participate in the conversational process from a single platform. But it´s not just about maintaining conversations. Members of marketing, sales, administration, after-sales, support, all find tools in Tikket to carry out their management more organized and agile.

Tikket is also a customizable CRM, which allows sales teams not only to respond to conversations but also to keep contacts that are automatically saved organized. It is possible to categorize contacts by seller or segment them by any other attribute or tags. During the conversation, it is possible to have pre-saved quick responses, artificial intelligence assistant, and service methodologies designed to avoid missing opportunities for attention.

The customer service process has drastically transformed in recent years, from a process of support ticket numbers to a continuous conversation. Our solution has been developed around this new methodology where people expect immediate responses through a single communication channel. Under this concept, conversations in Tikket can travel between first-level support teams and technicians without leaving the platform, offering the best customer experience. This is complemented at the same time with the possibility of creating knowledge bases directly from Tikket to offer a self-service portal to users. Tikket is an all-in-one integrated solution to provide the best possible customer service!

Conversation is today a super powerful strategy to attract potential new customers and persuade them to want our products and services. In this sense, marketing teams have at their disposal tools to respond to each comment on each social network where the brand has a presence. Doing WhatsApp marketing (mass shipments), email marketing, Telegram distribution, mass SMS, or even in display pop-up; to communicate our new product or offer opens the possibilities of awakening consumer´s desires.

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All these usage possibilities converge in a basic term for organizations: Automate processes! and Tikket is where we will help you achieve it

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